Wouldn't Count That As A Win In Path Of Exile

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Wouldn't Count That As A Win In Path Of Exile

I ran it 12 times just now, following the direction of the black splotch always led me to the end, it was not the fastest way in only 2 of the 12 runs (yours is a good example of this, had that layout too), but it did always lead to the end.

I do realize my sample size is very small, but if it is the fastest way 70% of the time for example, that's still worth going for unless there is a better tell. So for I'll keep that in, unless the trick proves to be too flawed to generally follow. Thanks for the feedback and screenshot to explain it!

I just dont get why all the poe buy items Games pick their servers in BR if that's true, do you guys have some tipe of contract in those cases that other countries dont?, or people just assume cause Brazil is the biggest country in SA that will be better, and by the way the language dilema is huge, anyway i used to love play CSGO with BRs, tons of fun. Hopefully in the future we see one more server in SA, either Chile or Uruguay.

Brazil have a massive problem with governamental corruption, some years ago a lot of money was invested in upgrading internet in a lot cities in the whole poe exalted orb, turns out nobody saw most of that other than few capital cities, and this is an on going procedure, big contracts but not even a shadow of it being delivered.

If you check in the site I've quoted in another post you'll see that my statement is correct, one the worst internet services in the world, in South America alone is the 6th worst, behind countries like Equador, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Colombia, ahead of Guyana, Venezuela, Suriname, Paraguay and Bolivia, wouldn't count that as a win.