We Want To Thank Everyone Who Submitted Their Design Path Of Exile

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We Want To Thank Everyone Who Submitted Their Design Path Of Exile

I have my flasks bound to shift A W D and spacebar (fps hand) and a logitech g502 with left click move only, right click for my core combat skill, and the 3 thumb buttons for various other high frequency skills like movement skills or decoy totem. Scroll wheel click is for poe items for trade.

I wish I could use anything else other than the spacebar for movement skills. God knows it'd be awesome to have my life flask there but I can't change now. QWE+M4+M5 for flasks, R,T,2 for alternative skills, mwheel for golem and ofc left click for main skill.

The most i've had without any magic find over the course of a few weeks was 4(last year...longer maybe) this league i decided to derp about in standard and ended up getting 8 of the little bastards drop over the last month...sure i put more time and some MF gear to the task.

Just text is enough, it gives it the proper flavor and some room to make it appropriatelly funny. Pictures or video feel a bit lazy and generally nowhere near as funny unless you put in a lot more effort.

I hope poe orbs cheap is still going in a few years time, so I can introduce my son to it, when he's old enough, and probably get similar stories.