PoE: Do You Want To Make the Best Build with A Specific Skill in Mind?

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PoE: Do You Want To Make the Best Build with A Specific Skill in Mind?

I just hit 1900 hours on the steam client and have never made my own build. I get overwhelmed with the idea there are so many uniques to know, mechanics and other systems that intertwine with skills. How do you guys go about making your own build Thanks for the help guys. Edit question, do you guys normally make new builds during standard? Don't forget to from U4gm.com to poe buy items, which is the best choice for poe items services on the market!

With a bajllion hours in the game (seriously no idea, played too much since the games original release) knowing most interactions and uniques really helps. But I think you can make your own build even if not fully optimal without that kind of knowledge and improve it as you go. Start by deciding the purpose of the character. Is it a boss farmer? A speed mapper? Do you want to make the best build with a specific skill in mind?

Once you have figured out the characters purpose and skill then you need to think about how the character will get around? Let's take an essence drain character. You will be in witch/Templar/shadow area of the tree for damage. Your movement options are shield charge/whirling blades/lightning warp/flame dash/blink arrow if doing something with a bow. You won't have alot of movement speed so you remove flame dash and blink arrow. Next you look at lightning warp, unfortunately you need duration nodes and trickster also gets duration which is one of the strongest choices for essence drain. This removes lightning warp.

Now you are down to shield charge/whirling blades. Whirling sucks without a ton of attack speed so you decide on shield charge trickster. Now you decide CI/lowlife/MoM/pure life. So on. Once you flesh out the notables of your build the actual skill tree comes together.