Path Of Exile Focuses On A Single Exile

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Path Of Exile Focuses On A Single Exile

Pretty much. On kill explosions are pretty overpowered in almost all ascendances when it comes to poe currency buy. Vile bastion also makes it so you don't have to invest into fire resistance/regen outside of ruby flask as long as you're killing mobs.

Another free to play action RPG that’s been doing the rounds and arguably racked up more acclaim than Warframe is Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile. When it launched in October 2013, the world was already long past dealing with a troubled Diablo 3 launch. Where was the epic isometric action RPG that we could pour so much time into? Path of Exile turned out to be the correct choice, despite server issues and disconnects that still continue to this day (though nowhere near as much as the early days).

Path of Exile focuses on a single Exile who ends up shipwrecked on Wraeclast. The Exile quickly meets other characters, taking on quests, finding gear and weapons, and progressively growing in power. Like Diablo, the focus is on scrounging for loot, killing mobs and clearing chapters with seven different classes. Each class a Passive Skill Tree to work through and depending on the nodes activated, you can choose to more tankiness, more agility to dodge attacks, dual attack damage, single sword damage and so on. Then each class has three Ascendancies, which can be considered deeper specializations with their own extremely valuable talents. Of course, each weapon and gear piece also has slots for gems that act as the core abilities. If a multi-strike, ice shard, fast hitting, increased elemental damage with heal on hit skill is the ability desired, then choose a loot piece, make sure it has the adjoining slots linked and go to town.

So right off the bat, there’s a very strong campaign to play through with a deep levelling process. Every upgrade makes a difference and you’re free to poe currency purchase any course/build you so desire. Granted, the Scion has only one Ascendancy so that’s 19 different Ascendancies to choose from and spec into. What do you do when the campaign is finished?

Of course, Path of Exile isn’t just about replaying the same content with hardly any changes. Grinding Gear Games is constantly updating the game, bringing free expansions and new Leagues. The Leagues place interesting modifiers and goals on new playthroughs with the promise of unique rewards and loot. Take the Abyss League, for example, where players had to hunt down various cracks called Abysses which would spawn enemies as the rupture spread forth.