MapleStory Blitz Upgraded With Zakum's Altar

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MapleStory Blitz Upgraded With Zakum's Altar

The mobile trading game, MapleStory Blitz, has been upgraded with brand-new content, now featuring Zakum's Altar, which adds all new dungeons and extra collectible cards to the Maplestory Mesos game. South Korean publisher and developer Nexon declared that there are now 36 original cards inserted to MapleStory Blitz. These cards can only be found from the new dungeon areas, so gamers will be forced to explore and battle their way to obtaining the nascent content.

Besides the cards as well as the dungeon, there's also news that Nexon has shortened the ranked match season from 1 month all the way down to two weeks. They don't say why they changed it, but I imagine kids with short attention spans will be more inclined to participate in the seasonal challenges when they're shorter compared to if they were longer. I mean they haveta keep the kiddies pouring money into the money stores, right? Outside of the dungeons in addition, there are some new events and challenges for standard play.

To help players adapt to the new cards and also get acquainted with the new strategies, there are a number of new battle guides to help players formulate tactical tactics against PvE and PvP competitions. The community likes a few of the new features but they certainly despise the new Zakum dungeon given that they've complained that because of the continuous lag it has made it really hard to finish the dungeon.

Nexon has suggested individuals to restart the program and close out other programs to reduce the possible lag during play or to get customer service. The sport seems to be pretty popular with the Southeast Asians, but that's probably because that MS2 Mesos is where Nexon was focusing their efforts.