How to Layup in NBA 2K18

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How to Layup in NBA 2K18

If you are on the offensive in NBA 2K18 with Buy NBA 2K MT, you will need to be sure you have all of the basic techniques down. 1 such thing that people have a couple problems with is how to layup in the game and actually score.

It ends up that the basics of really doing a layup at NBA 2K18 is simple. All you need to do is hold the right stick toward the hoop as you are sprinting towards it using R2/ RT.. It follows that you're essentially holding the shoot button while driving toward the hoop.

Of course, there's more than 1 layup on offer in NBA 2K18. A reverse layup requires you to hold the right stick toward the baseline while forcing the baseline. There's also the Euro Measure variant if you would like to have a little fancier, also. In order to do this, simply double tap Square/ X when you're driving toward the hoop after again.

The problem, however, seems to lie at the fact that there is a shot meter that you'll need to pinpoint as a way to score, however there is no observable meter for you to see in the NBA 2K19 MT game. Therefore, it might just take a little bit of practice before you are sinking them every time.