Even Though It Seems Obvious In Path Of Exile

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Even Though It Seems Obvious In Path Of Exile

I decided to make a compilation with all zone layouts to speed up my leveling, as I find myself to be too slow and waste too much time before maps. However, after a while of compiling Engineering Eternity's images and adding some notes, I figured I might as well make poe buy currency a somewhat proper guide and share it with the rest, especially as an event like Flashback might draw in new players.

Any and all constructive criticism is greatly appreciated and I will try to fix as much as I can before the event begins. I hope this is useful for some of you. Good luck and have fun in the Flashback event (and Bestiary)!

Not to take anything away from how cool this is and the incredible convenience of this cheat sheet - and OP did give credit everywhere possible - but pretty much all of this work is from the huge amount of time that Engineering Eternity put into his act guides.

Like I said, this contains many images and info that I did not make myself, but I did ask for permission. I added a better explanation in the disclaimer in the document. There are many cheat sheets, a grand total of 29 (27 technically without intro and outro), this may sound daunting, but a lot of space is wasted to keep poe items for trade clean (starting new pages to avoid page breaks) and the rest is taken up by mostly images. All act titles (except act 10) contain a video link to Engineering Eternity's video on that act, should you need more detailed explanations or help with boss fights.

Western Forest, the Weaver is on the opposite side of the road as Alira, in a section of trees covered in spiderwebs. I've seen people have trouble finding him even though it seems obvious.

Also, you omitted some unnecessary maps like Fetid/Felshrine/etc. I know you intended this for speed leveling but for new players it would be great to have these too if/when they get around to doing them.